Cody Scheduled For Surgery To Repair Damaged Meniscus

Cody All Elite Wrestling
Cody All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling executive, Cody, will be on the shelf for a few months. The 33-year-old pulled out of the final stop of an ROH tour in November. He had reported hearing his knee pop at the second last stop on the tour in Buffalo.

Cody decided to delay surgery until after Wrestle Kingdom and Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle. He’s now scheduled for surgery on February 12th and is expected to be on the shelf for a couple of months. The surgery should not impact his ability to perform at Double Or Nothing on May 25.

Cody’s injury was addressed by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently:

“Cody will be undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery on February 12 in Atlanta,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “The surgery will keep him out of action for two to three months but he’s not scheduled to wrestle until Double Or Nothing on 5/25.”

Cody Knee Injury

“Going from one side of the crowd to the other last night, teasing a t-shirt toss of all things…heard a loud POP in my knee,” Cody Tweeted on November 10th, 2018.

Unfortunately, the following day he revealed he would have to miss his planned title defense against Beretta.

“Sadly folks I will not be able to wrestle tomorrow in Toronto,” Cody Tweeted. “I will still be at the pre-show meet/greet to say hello to everybody ROH & I will find a suitable replacement for the match. I’m extremely sorry. I’ll be able to confirm the extent of the issue after an MRI this week.”