Cody Rhodes Says AEW Will Treat Wrestling As “Live Sports”

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has been doing the media rounds as of late, building anticipation for AEW’s Double or Nothing on May 25th. He spoke to NY Post recently and reiterated that AEW will be a sports-centric wrestling company.

“To me it’s treating it as live sports,” Cody said when asked what was at the core of a fresh wrestling product. “The core to that is characters, and I think characters beam across your television set or devices in ways perhaps people have forgotten. Wrestling used to have these great enhancements matches, these squash matches where you would see these characters and the things he could do. He’d tell you what you had at the pay-per-view event and things of that nature.”

Highlights of the interview are below but the full interview can be read here.

Cody Rhodes Interview Highlights

Cody also commented on having a booked wrestling show versus a written wrestling show.

“In wrestling, some people tend to want it written and some people want it booked. I like wrestling when it’s booked. That’s the wrestling my father [Dusty Rhodes] was famous for, the territory era. I’m not trying to bring back that era, but I think it yielded really good content, versus sitcom writers writing a wrestling show. I know that sounds so anti-WWE, it’s not. I’m just telling you from a standpoint of what we provide.”

WrestleMania weekend has become a key time of the year for numerous wrestling promotions, not just WWE. MLW, Impact, ROH, and the industry’s top independent promotions all run shows near the WrestleMania location that weekend. Cody says AEW will not do this, however.

Cody mentioned wrestling Kenny Omega at Supercard of Honor for ROH previously and feeling as though the event was piggy-backing off of WWE’s weekend.

I felt like I broke my back in terms of the amount of physical effort and the amount of mental effort for that match. We had the record for an ROH crowd at the time at the Lakefront Arena. But no matter what we did, it still was there in the back of your mind that all these people are here for WWE this weekend. It still was a piggyback.