Cody Preventing Kenny Omega from Appearing on “Being the Elite”

Cody is preventing Kenny Omega from appearing on the “Being the Elite” YouTube series. Most recently, Omega was prevented from appearing in the latest episode filmed in Nashville.

Members of Bullet Club produced the episode at this weekend’s set of TV tapings in the city but Omega was not in attendance.¬†Omega was in Japan and sent in a video blog to be included on the show but Cody saw to it the video never made air. The events were shown on the latest episode of Being the Elite titled “Drug-Free”.

Cody and Kenny Omega – Is one leaving Bullet Club?

Cody and Kenny Omega have frequently come into conflict with one another dating back to last summer. Their issues with each other finally resulted in a blowup at New Years Dash on January 5th.

Cody was looking to deliver a post-match beatdown to Omega’s former tag-team partner, Kota Ibushi, when Omega made the save.

Since that time, both Omega and Cody have claimed the issue between them is dead. Despite this, the two are believed to have gotten into a loud argument at a restaurant recently, after which Omega is said to have stormed out of the room.

It is entirely possible that one of these two leaves Bullet Club in the next few months. By the look of things, it seems Cody is trying to encourage the other members of the Elite to push Omega out of the USA-based sub-faction of the group.

With Kenny Omega in Japan and the rest of the Elite in the United States, it provides a lot of opportunities for Cody to pull the strings.

 Fractured Bullet Club

The other day we put out a video detailing the efforts of Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Bad Luck Fale, & Leo Tonga to establish another sub-faction of Bullet Club. The group is busy preparing for NJPW’s 4-night tour of Australia in mid-February.

As we draw closer to Strong Style Evolved on March 25th, fans of the faction might be wondering how much time is left before the group finally crumbles into separate groups.