Cody Comments On What Dusty Rhodes’ Time In ECW Meant

Dusty Rhodes ECW
Dusty Rhodes ECW

AEW’s Cody is currently rehabbing a knee injury while making arrangements for Double or Nothing on May 25th. When presented with a clip of his father, Dusty Rhodes, performing in ECW, Cody made some interesting comments regarding how this time impacted the American Dream.

“This changed Dream’s whole career…he was concerned the ecw crowd wouldn’t take to him. They loved him. Opened his mind to a whole new world of wrestling and he brought that with him on his further ventures.” Cody on Dusty Rhodes’ time in ECW.

The bull-rope match between Dusty and Corino is the first to take place on ECW’s Living Dangerously PPV from 2000.

Steve Corino on Working With Dusty Rhodes in ECW

In 2015, Dusty Rhodes’ opponent from Living Dangerously, Steve Corino, spoke to the 2-Man Power Trip podcast about working with someone he idolized.

We always used to joke with (Tommy) Dreamer. He would always talk about himself in the third person as “The Dream” so I didn’t even know Dusty was in the building that night. When he said you are working with “The Dream” I said “Ok cool what are we doing?” just thinking that I was wrestling Tommy Dreamer and he said no you are doing something with “THE DREAM”.

The first thing I did when we met was say “Sir, we have a promo so what would you like to do.” He said “Kid, if you are as good as they say you are then we don’t need to talk about anything, just do it.”

The original plan was he was just going to give me one big elbow, I would bump for him and roll-out and we would be done. We weren’t sure if we were using it for TV because he had just been released by WCW and as soon as they came alive for the first elbow Jack Victory ran in there and I’d get back up, then he would get back up and stayed in the center for the big elbow.

Right from there he told Paul (Heyman) put me in a program with this kid. Paul asked how do you see this ending and I said a bull-rope match and we ended up doing a bull-rope match and it really was the greatest thing.

Cody Calls Out Steve Corino For Comments About Dusty Rhodes

Fast forward to 2017 in ROH and Cody confronted Steve Corino about comments he had made during his feud with Cody’s father. Corino had told Dusty he had no respect for him and then nearly 20 years later Cody said the same to Corino.

The significance of Dusty Rhodes in ECW

Rhodes was not in ECW long. At the time, however, his appearance for the promotion was significant. While ECW had already brought in legends from the past, such as Terry Funk, Rhodes’ time with the company seemed to add a new level of credibility to the promotion which had just debuted on TNN at the time.

He wrestled in 7 official matches with ECW, only losing once. Most of his matches involved a bull-rope style gimmick, such as “an Extreme Bull-Rope Match” or an “Old School Bull-Rope” match.

Dusty Rhodes’ Post-ECW

Following his stint in ECW, Rhodes opened Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. Corino would often perform for that promotion as well. Rhodes would work for TNA Wrestling until 2005 when he signed with WWE. In 2006, after the departure of Paul Heyman, Dusty Rhodes took over as the head of creative for WWE’s newly launched ECW brand. He would continue with WWE until his death in 2015.