Chris Jericho Still Signed to WWE According to Tokyo Sports


According to well-respected Japanese media outlet, Tokyo Sports, Chris Jericho is still with WWE…

“Although Jericho is not full-time, he still has a deal with WWE, so of course Vince (President McMahon) is also giving permission for this entry, although the real intention is not certain” – Tokyo Sports

Kenny Omega recently sat down with Tokyo Sports to discuss his WrestleKingdom match with Chris Jericho. The interview conveyed much about how the storyline is being presented to Japanese fans. It seems Omega vs. Jericho is being played up as NJPW vs. WWE.

The author of the article even went so far as to say Jericho is still contracted to the organization and that Vince McMahon gave permission for the match to take place. According to Tokyo Sports, WWE’s interest in Kenny Omega is so high they allowed Jericho to travel to Japan to face him.

Kenny Omega in Tokyo Sports

The full interview (in Japanese) can be read here. The Google Translate edition definitely requires the reader to sift through some difficult sentences but a few general themes come through. The first is that Chris Jericho is being portrayed as a WWE wrestler still under contract with the company.

The Google Translate edition is as follows:

It is Y2J that what was shown in the vision of the venue in the VTR. He gave a name to the challenger at the biggest box office of the year.

In Japan mat, Goldberg (50) and Mick Foley (52) participated in the Hustle in 2004, but the case where players under contract with the world’s largest organization participate in other groups are exceptional. It is the first time WWE superstar of “progressive type” goes up on the New Day Matt.

The two have been controversy on Twitter since October, but this factor alone is not sweet enough to make the entry into war. A related official said, “Although Jericho is not full-time, he still has a deal with WWE, so of course Vince (President McMahon) is also giving permission for this entry, although the real intention is not certain , WWE ‘s attention to Kenny got particularly high this year, it is revealed that it is realized only because the opponent is Kenny.

There is no doubt that WWE has keen interest in Kenny as success of Shin Susuke Nakamura (37) and other newcomers professional wrestlers continues. It is said that there was an offer even after 1.4 dome this year. Kenny says, “I do not know why they are here because they do not go there and I have to come here, as I have refused to contact WWE many times, have you come to crush me? “I analyzed it.

Of course, I will take back the super biggest challenger and I will demonstrate my ability to the whole world. “They’d be major,” but their way of thinking is “black or white.” Not only major and minor but also Kenny ¬∑ omega (transcending it) is in this world There is a presence, “he said. On the other hand, I denied the possibility that this round will be a priming call for WWE transfer, “I am absolutely here, I will tell you that the new Japan is a place where players can keep fighting on their real self, I’d like to say that it is a wonderful place” It was.

The world’s best best bout machine which received the challenge from the first WWE unification champion in history. Japan’s largest festival in the world of professional wrestling, the world’s largest exceptional line-up was featured.