Chris Jericho On Early AEW Meetings With Tony Khan

Chris Jericho Tony Khan
Chris Jericho speaks on his early AEW meetings with Tony Khan.

Chris Jericho released an episode of his “Talk is Jericho” podcast today. He was his own guest and talked about what led to his signing with All Elite Wrestling last week.

Chris Jericho on Group Text Chat Where He Learned Of Tony Khan

Jericho mentioned that a group text chat set up to help organize his cruise led to him becoming closer with Cody and the Young Bucks. It was also where he first heard the name Tony Khan.

“We’re group texting, we’re becoming friends, making jokes, laughing, talking about the cruise, all this different stuff,” Jericho said. “Then I started hearing about this guy Tony Khan. This was brought to my attention by my manager, Barry Bloom. ‘There’s a guy who wants to start a new company, his family is very wealthy, he’s the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and he wants to talk to you.’”

Jericho then mentioned he had a meeting with Tony Khan when Fozzy played a concert in Jacksonville on September 26th, 2018.

“We happened to have a Fozzy gig in Jacksonville, FL around that same time (September 26th),” Jericho continued. “That was when I had a meeting with Tony Khan for four hours and really had a chance to get to know this guy.”

“That’s when I realized this guy really wants to do this,” Jericho continued.

Upon receiving his initial offer from AEW, Jericho said he was taken aback by how much it was for.

“The original offer that came in, was like, it blew my mind,” Jericho said. “This is like a real almost NHL-level offer.”

Chris Jericho On Never Working For Another Promotion In the United States Other Than WWE

For years Jericho said he wouldn’t compete against Vince McMahon in the United States. He addressed this on his podcast as well.

“That was the case,” Jericho said. “That was very much the truth when all of this started. Basically, what happened was I finished up with the WWE, I believe it was in May of 2017. That’s when I ended up losing the US title to Kevin Owens.”

Chris Jericho On Considering Offer From Impact Wrestling

“They were going to spend some money on Chris Jericho,” he said of Impact Wrestling. “I did honestly talk to Impact and really really thought about going there.”