Bullet Club Originals Calling For A “New Beginning”

The Guerillas of Destiny have released another video on YouTube. For the most part, the video is just of the Bullet Club OG sub-faction as they travel to Sapporo. At the beginning and end of the post, however, an ominous voice can be heard giving a a premonition of the future.

The anonymous voice in the video speaks on the disturbance in Bullet Club, and perhaps gives a glimpse into the future of the stable.

“Bullet Club, the future and the past. There’s been a disturbance. The Bullet Club must remain true to their beginnings.”

Bullet Club OG Faction Calls for A “New Beginning”

The video continues with a Star Wars scroll of text which reads:

“There’s been a disturbance in the Club. A New Beginning is imminent.

As Bullet Club makes their long and treacherous journey to Sapporo, a republic within the land of the rising sun, trouble arises amongst their voyage.

Awaiting their arrival is the Tokyo Pimp Yujiro Takahashi and the Young Gun Leo. Gaining knowledge from the Pimp, Leo continues to struggle with an imbalance in the force. “

The video then spends the next 9 minutes focussing on the various faction members travelling to Sapporo. Bad Luck Fale buys and drinks beer, Leo Tonga gets drug while Takahashi does karaoke and wears a shirt that says “Crack Rocks”.

At the end of the video, the ominous voice resurfaces, however. This time the voice is heard saying:

“It’s time to fofil your destiny. Under my guidance you can have it all. Now come to me. That’s it. Closer, closer, look at me!”

The video concludes with it being made clear that Leo Tonga is the one hearing the voice.