Bray Wyatt’s Promo Actually Communicated Something For Once


Bray Wyatt delivers his promos with exceptional commitment to his character. The words he says are usually entirely skippable though.

In general, most of his promos involve Wyatt talking about how the fans worship a babyface, but that Wyatt is the true God, yadda yadda.

Some have grown frustrated that in the 5 years since the Wyatt Family has been on WWE programming (debuted in NXT in 2012) they haven’t evolved at all. We’veĀ learned Wyatt lives on a compound, and there appearĀ to be dozens of followers in sheep masks who live there too. He’s shown the ability to turn the mats at WrestleMania into a projection screen for images of maggots and worms as well. Bray can teleport and could have mild magical powers but we don’t know for sure. WWE writers will only allude to who or what Bray is, and seem afraid of revealing anything about the character.

Wyatt’s promo on Raw in Denver demonstrated that might be changing, however.

Sister Abigail is Alive

“She warned me about people like you, Finn. You lied to me. You claimed that you were just a man but at No Mercy you were different, you were more.”

“The Demon fuels the man. You don’t paint your face to become the Demon you peel your skin to reveal it. Show me your face, Finn, show me your true face and I will do the same.”

Bring your demon and I will strip back my flesh to reveal the true nature of my dark side.

Abigail is alive and she is dying to meet you.” – Bray Wyatt

Wyatt wants to prove to Finn Balor that it is the Demon part of Finn which drives the human in him and not the other way around. To that end, Bray is stating he will show Finn his true self, as in he will show the demon within him that drives his actions: Sister Abigail.

At first, it seemed as though Bray was simply referring to an alter-ego of his own perhaps. Was Wyatt suggesting that he would show up at Hell in a Cell painted and drawn-up similar to Finn’s transition into the Demon? As Wyatt’s cackling continued, however, a female voice could be heard, indicating Sister Abigail may be an entirely different person than Wyatt rather than his own alternate ego.