Bray Wyatt’s Mask Has An Interesting Back Story

Bray Wyatt's Mask
Bray Wyatt's Mask

This week on WWE programming Bray Wyatt debuted his new darker persona. Wyatt revealed he is still harboring much darkness inside his head but he has now learned how to best harness and control his dark side.

Part of Wyatt’s new dark persona is a new mask, made by Tom Savini’s team. Tattoo artist Kyle A Scarborough was involved in the creation of the mask and posted the backstory of how he got involved with Wyatt on Facebook. 

Bray Wyatt On New Persona Debut

A fan on Twitter suggested that the buzz around Wyatt’s new gimmick means WWE should explore adding Alternate Reality Game aspects to their stories. Wyatt responded with the following:

Wyatt has suggested that former Wyatt family members could still be involved in his new gimmick. Previously, he suggested he is working on getting Luke Harper on the FireFly Fun House. Wyatt recently made some comments about Braun Strowman online as well. Wyatt responded to a fan on Twitter who suggested that WWE does a poor job of naming teams.

Bubba Ray Dudley has also been a huge fan of the gimmick. In addition to breaking out a “Yowie Wowie” on an ROH War of the Worlds tour recently, Bubba has been singing Wyatt’s praises on Busted Open Radio. Wyatt sent the following to Bubba in response: