Bray Wyatt’s Limbo, Where Is The FireFly Fun House Located?

Bray Wyatt Limbo
Bray Wyatt Limbo

There were more references to limbo on the most recent episode of Bray Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House. This theme has been alluded to by Wyatt in the past but more is starting to be revealed regarding where exactly the FireFly Fun House is located.

Abby the Witch asked Wyatt this week why he won’t “let her rest” and then said

Abby: “Why won’t you let me rest?”

Wyatt: “I’ll never let you rest”

Abby: “I can’t stand it, I don’t want to be stuck in this limbo anymore”

This then led to Wyatt doing the limbo with a group of unenthused looking children.

Bray Wyatt Mystery Promo Alluding To FireFly Fun House

The word limbo was the 3rd clue Wyatt offered up regarding the promo mystery from 2015.

The mystery message from the 2015 promos is as follows:

While what exactly Wyatt means here is left up to the reader, several of Wyatt’s fans believe this message implies Wyatt or someone is in limbo and an “angel with burnt wings” sounds much like the devil.

He Tweeted some important information regarding the message before releasing it:

Wyatt also responded to a Tweet from Adult Swim asking “Where do We Go After We Die?”

Wyatt also liked a Tweet which seemed to imply that the FireFly Fun House is a sort of purgatory:

If the FireFly Fun House exists in a type of purgatory or limbo, it seems as though Wyatt is coming closer to revealing this.

Bray Wyatt Slumber Party With New Day

Wyatt also recently apologized to the members of New Day:

New Day implied that they would like to see Luke Harper involved with Wyatt again:

This led Wyatt to respond:

Earlier Wyatt had said he is working on getting Harper on the FireFly Fun House:

Big E then gave further ideas for future episodes of the FireFly Fun House: