Bray Wyatt Theory Re: FireFly Fun House

Bray Wyatt hosting the FireFly Fun House
Bray Wyatt hosting the FireFly Fun House

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE programming this week in a bizarre vignette. Wyatt appears as the host of the “Firefly Fun House”, a Pee Wee Herman styled children’s show. Mercy the Buzzard and Abby the Witch, who we have previously seen in their own vignettes, were introduced as Wyatt’s new friends as well.

The day after the scene aired on RAW, Wyatt expressed frustration that the WWE Universe had missed much. He sent the following out on Twitter.

I published a theory as to what is going on with Bray Wyatt up at and Bray himself seemed to indicate I was heading down the right path with it. Here is how Bray Wyatt responded to a Tweet about the article online.

Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House Theory – Bray Wyatt Has Been Institutionalized

This theory dates back to October when Wyatt began making a series of bizarre Tweets from his social media accounts. The Tweets (which have since been deleted) seemed to indicate Wyatt had been institutionalized and was undergoing treatment for severe mental illness.

“Day 23, Subject is showing signs of progress, at times. Violent outbursts are commonplace, spewing threats at our staff in multiple languages, and reciting passages from Bible,” Wyatt Tweeted on October 14th, 2018.

The following day, Wyatt Tweeted out the following:

“Day 3, Subject believes God as well as several other entities speak to him directly. They give him a scapegoat for 7 pulled a nail from his cell he was attempting to ‘repent through torture.’ Masochistic tendencies pray that after so many treatments he will be free of this affliction once and for all. Sincerely, Dr. M.”

Bray Wyatt Says He’s Not A God In December

In contrast to comments he’s made throughout his career, Wyatt said in December that he is, in fact, not a God.

“I’m not a God, I never was. I’m sorry I said it, I was wrong. I know the true God now and all his power. I feel that I am forgiven for all the wickedness I have caused. My soul is clean now. My mind is clear. I see what I did wrong, what was done to me. They took it all,” Wyatt Tweeted on December 18th, 2018.

He then Tweeted comments which imply he understands he is dealing with some type of mental illness.

“I have so many things to fix. I realize that I was sick. My mind doesn’t work like other people’s, it gets lost and attached to ideals that are unrealistic and poisonous. My next journey will be to find my true calling.”

Wyatt then thanked the WWE Universe:

“To all that have loved and supported us we say thank you.

And ask that you have faith in us.

I was put on this Earth to fix it, to change it.

And I will not die until this is so.

Goodbye my brothers and sisters.

The journey is far from over.”

The theory presented is that Wyatt was institutionalized in October and then started to see progress in December. He has been off WWE programming since last August when he and Matt Hardy dropped the RAW tag titles. Wyatt has performed on a few house shows since that time, however.

Former Members of Sanity Involved?

Further speculation regarding Wyatt’s new persona involves former members of Sanity. There has long been speculation that the members of the faction could end up aligned with Wyatt at some point. Fans have speculated online that Nikki Cross could be the true form of who Wyatt believes he is talking to when he is speaking with Abby the Witch.

The members of Sanity were recently split up, with Eric Young going to RAW, Killian Dain still on Smackdown, Alexander Wolfe is now on the NXT UK brand, and Nikki Cross is unassigned at the moment. With Sanity having been broken up, other members of the group could be part of Wyatt’s new and emerging act. We’ll just have to wait and see where everything goes.