Bray Wyatt Reveals Hidden Message In 2015 Promos

Bray Wyatt Mystery
Bray Wyatt Mystery

Bray Wyatt revealed the hidden message contained within his promos from 2015 recently on social media. Wyatt sent out the following on Twitter regarding the hidden message:

The former WWE Champion also suggested that the episode of his FireFly Fun House which will air on RAW tonight is one fans won’t want to miss:

Wyatt Wants Luke Harper On FireFly Fun House/Does Not Want Luke Harper

While the FireFly Fun House vignettes have been airing, Wyatt has been active on social media. He first sent the following message to Randy Orton, noting that he forgives him.

He also responded to a Tweet asking about Luke Harper, saying he would love to have Harper on the FireFly Fun House and is working towards making that happen.

Wyatt noted on social media recently, however, that he does not believe Lars Sullivan would make a good guest on the show:

Bray Wyatt FireFly Fun House

While Wyatt’s hidden message may now be revealed, the mystery surrounding Bray’s FireFly Fun House still remains, however. Tonight’s episode might bring us closer to discovering the true nature of these videos, however.