Bray Wyatt Mystery Close To Being Solved

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

The mystery surrounding Bray Wyatt’s promos from 2015 has almost been solved. For those unaware, Wyatt sent out the following Tweet recently in regards to there being a hidden message in his promos from the time:

Wyatt has recently responded to a fan on Twitter who believed they had solved the mystery. The former WWE Champion noted the person was close:

Wyatt also responded to the following theory:

Wyatt also responded to a fan on Twitter who asked about Lars Sullivan possibly appearing on the FireFly Fun House.

Not long ago, however, Wyatt responded favorably to the idea of Luke Harper appearing on his new show. He sent the following out on Twitter in response to the idea:

Is The 2015 Promo Mystery Related To The FireFly Fun House?

The mystery regarding Wyatt’s promos from 2015 is making headlines at the same time fans are also trying to figure out what is occurring on the FireFly Fun House. We’ve presented the theory that the Fun House is occurring in Wyatt’s mind as a sort of safe-place after he endured some type of treatment during a stay at an institution.

Wyatt liked the following Tweet presented by a fan who believes that Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House could be some type of limbo.

The 2015 promo mystery has a theme of limbo in it as well. In fact, Wyatt’s 3rd clue was simply the word “limbo.”