Bray Wyatt Links 2015 Mystery With FireFly Fun House Episodes

Bray Wyatt link between 2015 and 2019 Personas
Bray Wyatt link between 2015 and 2019 Personas

Bray Wyatt has deepened the mysteries surrounding both his hidden promo meaning from 2015 and his current FireFly Fun House segments. Wyatt noted a link between the two recently on his social media.

Just before we get to that, however, Wyatt posted the following to social media recently, perhaps in response to fans who have expressed the concern that once Wyatt gets back in the ring, it will be the same or similar routine for his character. Here is what Wyatt had to say to that.

Wyatt Links 2015 Promo Mystery with FireFly Fun House

Wyatt also dropped some hints recently regarding a deeper mystery hidden within both his promos from 2015 and also his FireFly Fun House episodes.

A fan noted on Twitter that the hidden messages from the 2015 promo mystery line up with episodes of the FireFly Fun House. Each line relates to an episode:

Let’s line up the episodes with the 2015 promo:

They don’t appear to be in order, however. Here is a description of each episode and an idea of what episode it could be referring to.

Episode 1: Welcome to Bray Wyatt’s ‘FireFly Fun House'”

In the first episode, Wyatt introduces everyone to his new show. He mentions that he used to be a terrible person but has since been punished for all of his wrongdoing. He then proceeds to used a chainsaw to cut through a stand-up cutout of his old persona. Wyatt laughs, smiles, and generally has a good time throughout the episode as he introduces a new more wholesome and happy version of himself.

If They Are In Order: What Makes You Smile?

What line could be referring to this episode: Let Me In

Episode 2: Painting

In the second episode of the FireFly Fun House, Wyatt reveals that he loves to paint. He then paints a picture of a burning building reminiscent of when Randy Orton burnt down his family compound.
Abby the Witch told Wyatt to keep it down and Wyatt then dressed as a doctor and declared her to be a bully. That led to Wyatt revealing his word of the day is “Sociopath.”

What line could be referring to this episode: What Makes You Smile?

If They Are In Order: “I Know You’re Listening”

Episode 3: Mercy Eats A Disturbing Meal

Wyatt catches Mercy the Buzzard eating Ramblin Rabbit.  He tells Mercy he can be forgiven for all of his sins, just like Bray was.

When asked why he ate Ramblin Rabbit, Mercy gave the following answer:

“He was trying to force me to adhere to his Bohemian (socially unconventional) world view and ideologies, you know what I mean?”

Wyatt then told Mercy he can be forgiven for all his wrongdoing and in fact, should be rewarded. Then he had a series of unenthused children over for some type of beach party picnic.

What line could be referring to this episode: What happened to you was such a tragedy?

If They Are In Order: Let Me In!

Episode 4 (May 13th, 2019): Wyatt Reveals A Dark Secret

This was the episode where Wyatt reveals his dark secret. Wyatt said it was time to tell everyone what he’s really been working on but would need the help of all his fireflies. He said that there is still a lot of darkness in his noggin but this time he’s learned how to harness and control it.

Wyatt then leads the camera out of the funhouse. A creepy version of “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” plays as we first see Wyatt as “the Fiend.”

What line could be referring to this episode:  I believe I found the answer

If They Are In Order: We Don’t Belong Here

Episode 5 (May 20th, 2019)

This episode was just a short one, slightly over a minute. It featured an extended jingle and then just an audio voice of Wyatt saying “Let Me In.”

Another option is that this shortened episode aired in place of an episode on the week that Wyatt’s son was born.

What line could be referring to this episode: “Let Me In”, “I Know Your Listening”

If They Are In Order: What Happened To You Was Such A Tragedy

Episode 6 (May 27th, 2019):


Wyatt started the episode by using a paper plate mask to let everyone know his “little secret” is referred to as “the Fiend.” He also said the Fiend is here to protect us.

Wyatt said the mask allows him to be anything he wants to be. This then led Abby the Witch to call him a sicko. Wyatt then dressed as a doctor and said Abby was a bully.

Abby then asked

“Why won’t you let me rest?”

“I don’t want to be stuck in this limbo” anymore.

Wyatt then did the limbo in his crabwalk.

What line could be referring to this episode: “Limbo is no place for a soul such as yours”

If They Are In Order: “Limbo is no place for a soul such as yours”

Episode 7 (May 27th, 2019):

This was the episode where Bray introduced us to his friend Husky the pig. A reference to his Husky Harris character of the past. Wyatt told Husky he had a great future ahead of him, one where people will say he’s a genius and that he has the whole world in his hands.

We were then introduced to a devilish character who resembles Vince McMahon quite a bit. Vince’s character said both Husky and Bray had to get their acts together or they would be.. but Bray interuppted and said they’d get their acts together. This led to Bray demonstrating the Muscle Man Dance.

The episode ended with the Muscle Man Dance.

What line could be referring to this episode: “The Angel with the burnt wings is waving you on home”

Episode 8 (June 10th, 2019)

In this episode, Mercy tried to eat Ramblin Rabbit again. Wyatt threatened to bring out the Fiend but then decided to let Ramblin Rabbit give a speech about not eating your friends. Rabbit then threatened to expose what is really going on in the funhouse, leading Wyatt to smash him with a comically oversized hammer.

WWE Shop has already marketing Ramblin Rabbit’s Bohemian spread.

What line could be referring to this episode: “We Don’t Belong Here”

If They Are In Order: The Angel With The Burnt Wings Is Waving You On Home