Bray Wyatt 2015 Promo Mystery Popular Theories

Bray Wyatt theories
Bray Wyatt theories

Bray Wyatt sent out a notice to fans last week that there is a hidden message contained in his promos from 2015. Here is what Wyatt said on the hidden message in his promos from that time.

On Monday, Wyatt announced he would reveal the mystery next week. He also mentioned some fans had come eerily close to getting the mystery message correct.

Wyatt has since sent out the following clues:

Popular Theories – Bray Wyatt 2015 Promo Mystery

Some theories have been posted on various websites, forums, and social media. A couple of the more popular ideas are as follows:

What Is FireFly Fun House?

In an earlier video, we mentioned that a theory I wrote for received the following reaction from Bray Wyatt himself.

This theory holds that Bray’s FireFly Fun House is likely occurring inside his head following a stay in an institution. If you notice, it is Bray doing the voices for Abby the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard. Many subscribers to this YouTube channel have pointed out that Mercy the Buzzard is likely named after Waylon Mercy, a short-lived WWE character with a similar gimmick to Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt Deleted-Tweets

Here are some since-deleted Tweets from Wyatt that point to this:

“Day 23, Subject is showing signs of progress, at times. Violent outbursts are commonplace, spewing threats at our staff in multiple languages, and reciting passages from Bible,” Wyatt Tweeted on October 14th, 2018.

The following day, Wyatt Tweeted out the following:

“Day 3, Subject believes God as well as several other entities speak to him directly. They give him a scapegoat for 7 pulled a nail from his cell he was attempting to ‘repent through torture.’ Masochistic tendencies pray that after so many treatments he will be free of this affliction once and for all. Sincerely, Dr. M.”

In December, Wyatt seemed to show signs of improvement.

“I’m not a God, I never was. I’m sorry I said it, I was wrong. I know the true God now and all his power. I feel that I am forgiven for all the wickedness I have caused. My soul is clean now. My mind is clear. I see what I did wrong, what was done to me. They took it all,” Wyatt Tweeted on December 18th, 2018.

He then Tweeted comments which imply he understands he is dealing with some type of mental illness.

“I have so many things to fix. I realize that I was sick. My mind doesn’t work like other people’s, it gets lost and attached to ideals that are unrealistic and poisonous. My next journey will be to find my true calling.”