Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis Set For NWA World Championship Match

Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance has booked its first title match…

Billy Corgan took full ownership of the National Wrestling Alliance back in October. Since that time the organization has been posting a series of short documentaries on both the NWA heavyweight championship and the title’s current holder, Tim Storm.

We took a look at the first 3 “10 Pounds of Gold” posts here.

The promotion has released their 4th video in the series, this time focussing on the upcoming NWA world heavyweight championship match between champion, Tim Storm, and challenger, Nick Aldis.

Recent NWA World Heavyweight Championship History

The NWA title has a long history with New Japan Pro Wrestling. In fact, the biggest few matches in the title’s recent history took place in the promotion. Satoshi Kojima won the championship at WrestleKingdom 8 inside the Tokyo Dome, the biggest house the belt had been fought in front of for many years.

Kojima would successfully defend the belt 5x before dropping it back to Conway that June. Conway would spend the rest of 2014 with the belt before once again attempting to defend in Japan. This time former IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, defeated Conway for the belt in Sendai. Tenzan then dropped the belt to Jax Dane at an NWA show in San Antonio.

After a 400+ day title reign, Dane dropped the belt to Storm last summer. While Storm has had the title for over a year, he’s only defended the title once. Now with a more stable NWA ownership group, however, that is going to change.

Tim Storm (c) vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

With this being the first NWA title match of the new regime, one has to wonder if Storm’s title reign is coming to an end. The 52-year-old admits he has more matches in his rearview mirror than in front of him while his 30-year-old opponent on November 12th is entering his prime athletic years.

As a former TNA world champion, Aldis is arguably a better wrestler now than Tim Storm was in his prime so the champion will be going into this title defense as an underdog. While on paper it looks as though Aldis will become the next NWA champion, never underestimate the determination of a champion looking to defend their strap.

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