Billy Corgan On X-Pac’s Podcast; New NWA Signees Imminent

Billy Corgan appeared on X-Pac’s podcast yesterday and had plenty to say regarding where the newly revamped NWA is going.

Additionally, the company recently announce Tim Storm will defend the NWA championship this weekend against Jocephus Brody.

Billy Corgan On Possible New NWA Talents

Damien Sandow:

“He’s a friend of mine and we’ve certainly talked to him about doing stuff. He’s really particularly interested in being able to run creatively free. He’s a guy that’s shown when he’s allowed to run hhis world he wants he gets over with fans. He looks phenomenol, he’s still in great shape, he hasn’t worked a lot this last year so his body’s really healed up.”

Nick Aldis:

“You saw him the other day, he looks phenomenal right now, he’s in the best shape of his life. His work is fantastic, he’s a great person, I know him very well, I’ve been friends with his wife Mickie for years. Total pleasure to work with Nick too.”

Jack Swagger:

Waltman: “I could see Jack Swagger as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Billy”

Billy Corgan: “Wouldn’t bother me”


Abyss wasn’t talked about as a potential NWA signee, as he is signed to Impact Wrestling, but Corgan and Waltman talked about what it is like to work with him.

What’s interesting about Abyss is, he’s a big guy and he can do all the big guy stuff but he’s really a thinking man’s wrestler, he really understands the game. Probably the best agent I’ve ever worked with.

Chris Nowinski (Adonis/Masters) was also brought up as someone Billy has worked with and is a fan of. Nowinski is currently in Impact Wrestling right now, however.

Check out this video from Tim Storm’s upcoming title challenger:

The slow roll-out for the new National Wrestling Alliance continues, and we will be here covering it all the way.