Billy Corgan Is Resurrecting the NWA, Has 20-Year Plan

Near the end of Dixie Carter’s reign over TNA Wrestling, it appeared as though Billy Corgan might become her successor. In the end, however, Carter ended up selling the company to Anthem Sports and Entertainment and going to court with Corgan.

Not long after losing out on the TNA Wrestling sweepstakes, news broke that Corgan was looking to purchase an organization with a slightly more respectable reputation: the National Wrestling Alliance. Corgan officially took ownership of the organization yesterday.

Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance

“We want to be part of a new revolution of how wrestling can be consumed by fans and matches can be presented,” said Corgan. “This NWA brand dates back to 1948. The past few years have not been as kind as we would have liked, but we plan on building this into a powerhouse over time.” – Billy Corgan in speaking with Sports Illustrated

Billy Corgan is a creative guy and won over the respect of many performers while in TNA. Some performers were so distraught that Corgan would not be taking over the company they chose to leave. Perhaps we will see some of them signed to the new NWA when the organization is ready to begin putting on shows.

Questions still remain as to why Corgan purchased the NWA branding, and what he plans on doing with it now.

“People asked, ‘What are you buying?’” explained Corgan. “We’ve looked at how the WWE has positioned itself and how Anthem has positioned Impact Wrestling, and now a brand like the NWA, which has built-in recognition value and a history that is unmatched, suddenly starts to become more valuable in this shifting landscape. Maybe we’re not so crazy for buying these three letters after all.”

Billy Corgan on Working with Anthem and Impact Wrestling

Surprisingly, Corgan told reporters that he speaks with Ed Nordholm from Anthem about once or twice a week. Corgan has even reached out to Anthem about working with him and his NWA group.

“We made a very aggressive offer in the last month to go in and help reboot the company,” said Corgan. “We’d have helped Impact stay more in the lane of the traditional Impact brand, and then set up the NWA as a natural rival, a la Raw versus SmackDown. Unfortunately, we didn’t get where we wanted with that offer.”

While a deal with Anthem doesn’t appear to be in the cards, Corgan has the current NWA champion, Tim Storm, working in the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood promotion, which can be seen on the FITE App.

“Our focus is on the NWA plan, and we have a 20-year plan,” said Corgan. “We’re not going to just come in and throw money around for two years. We’ve learned from the past mistakes of TNA, which we have intimate knowledge of.”