Billy Corgan Offers His Thoughts On 70th Anniversary Show, more… (Daily Update)

Cody vs Aldis II
Cody vs Aldis II

Here is your Spoiler Free Wrestling update for October 22nd, 2018.

Territory Reports

Territory reports went up this weekend for all promotions:

  1. MLW
  2. Impact Wrestling
  3. NXT & NXT UK
  4. ROH
  5. NJPW
  6. WWE

Billy Corgan Comments On NWA Anniversary

Billy Corgan sent out the following in regards to last week’s NWA 70th Anniversary show last night in Nashville:

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#NWA70 thoughts in no particular order: Magnum TA @magnum_ta was an absolute joy to engage with, and showed when speaking live of the NWA's future why he is so highly regarded with fans and people in the business. Jim Cornette, on commentary, reminded why there is no one better with a microphone, and I appreciate him lending his gravitas to the event. His partner, Joe Galli, has such a bright future, and I hope he will remain as our leading voice for decades. As well, I was thrilled to have Tony Schiavone (@tonyschiavone24) call the main event. As this highlights one of the great pleasures of owning the NWA, which is seeing these legends do what they do best. On the production side, we fell short on providing a televised event up to the standard that I would consider acceptable. Which reminded me greatly as to why people questioned my pursuit of TNA (in terms of wanting to buy the company, and filed a potential lawsuit to do so). Put simply, building up a culture like Smashing Pumpkins or the NWA, takes time, trial and error, and great risk. And throwing $$$ at the problems doesn't necessarily correct the issues, and in some cases makes it worse. So last night I was painfully reminded of how hard this journey is, and knew by the time the last bell rung we have much work to do before we'd run another such live event. Which in no way diminishes my appreciation for those who ordered or attended the event. In fact, it increases it. Sitting ringside for the main event, I had one recurring thought, which is there are only a few people on the planet (let's say the number is under 30) who could do what Nick and Cody (@nickaldis @americannightmarecody) did last night. Or, as I used to tell my Mother, 'this is why they pay me the big bucks, Ma'. Skilled, talented people need the right stage and crowd to show their best, and last night was exactly that. The fans were FANTASTIC. Pushing Cody and Nick to a place I think that surprised them. I remain hopeful for a third, definitive contest. Lastly, the vibe backstage with talent was jubilant, and hopeful. From a living legend like Dory Funk, Jr, to the kid in the dark. And that speaks volumes to me.

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NWA Announces Return Of Crockett Cup

Also at last night’s NWA show, the promotion announced the return of the Crockett Cup. The famous tag-team tournament was held from 1986-1988 and left an indelible mark on wrestling during the 80s.

Road Warrior Animal made the announcement on the show. He had just managed the War Kings, Jax Dane and Crimson, who were dressed in Road Warriors inspired gear and makeup.

Full results from the NWA’s show last night can be found at the bottom of this post.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis Film Angle For Jericho Cruise

At an independent event in Winnipeg recently, Don Callis seemingly turned on Kenny Omega setting up an angle on the Jericho Cruise.

Omega then Tweeted out “See you on the Cruise” in response.

Robbie Eagles Interview With

NJPW released an interview with Bullet Club member Robbie Eagles. The Australian Junior Heavyweight is currently teaming with Taiji Ishimori in the Super Junior Tag League.

“I’ve been trained in Lucha Libre, and I think with my name, you get the image of a high flier. I pride myself on my submissions though,” Eagles said. “Even early in my career people talked about me as a strategic wrestler. They called me ‘the Tactician’.”

The full interview can be read here.

Super Junior Tag League

Nights 3 and 4 have been added to They weren’t up in time to make it into the NJPW Territory report, however. The report goes up to the second night in the tournament.

WWE Investigating Altercation Between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

WWE released word that they are investigating a physical altercation which allegedly took place between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair at the WWE Performance Center over the weekend. The promotion sent out the following on Twitter in regards to the incident:

This will likely be addressed on Smackdown tomorrow night.

“Investigate? You dopes better call Mulder and Scully then because the champ is out of this world.” – Becky Lynch

House Of Hardy Halloween Special Premiere Date

The House of Hardy Halloween Special has a release date. It will air immediately following Evolution on October 28th, 2018. WWE Network News broke this news over the weekend.

Impact Wrestling Announces March Tapings In Windsor

Impact Wrestling announced they will be holding 2 nights of TV tapings in March for Impact. They will also have a Twitch special with Big Time Wrestling in California on November 30th.

WWE Monday Night Raw Tonight

Monday Night Raw
October 22nd, 2018
Dunkin Donuts Center
Providence, RI

  • D-X Segment
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
    Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose
  • Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott
  • Ronda Rousey/Nikki Bella Contract Signing

NWA 70th Anniversary Show
October 21st, 2018
Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville, TN

  1. NWA National Title Semi-Final
    Four Way Elimination
    Sam Shaw defeats Colt Cabana and Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky
  2. Barrett Brown defeats Laredo Kid
  3. NWA National Title Semi-Final
    Four Way Elimination
    Willie Mack defeats Jay Bradley and Mike Parrow and Ricky Starks
  4. Tim Storm defeats Peter Avalon (w/Nico Marquez)
  5. NWA World Women’s Championship
    Jazz (c) defeats Penelope Ford
  6. NWA National Title Tournament Final
    Willie Mack defeats Sam Shaw – New Champion
  7. War Kings (Crimson & Jax Dane) (w/Road Warrior Animal) defeat Crazzy Steve & Shannon Moore(w/Jocephus)
  8. NWA World Heavyweight Title
    Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
    Nick Aldis (w/Kamilla Kaine) defeats Cody (w/Brandi Rhodes) (c) 2:1