Bandido Reportedly Turned Down Offer From All Elite Wrestling

Bandido All Elite Wrestling
Bandido All Elite Wrestling

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Elite was also making a play to bring Bandido into All Elite Wrestling in 2019. WWE also offered the popular luchador a contract.

Those close to the situation said he made his decision based on the fact Elite had no television deal, specific info or dates on a schedule, and he was offered excellent money guaranteed for not a lot of dates, national television exposure in the U.S. in a promotion where he’ll be pushed, and a connection with New Japan. – Wrestling Observer on Bandido/ROH/AEW situation.

Meltzer continued to say Bandido received 2 offers from WWE as well. The first was an entry-level contract and then he received a second offer from WWE which was for significantly more. Both offers were for less than what ROH offered, however, and ROH’s relationship with NJPW played a role in his decision as well.

Still, the offer was below that of ROH. Plus, the ROH schedule is also far fewer dates, unlike WWE’s exclusivity, meaning he could continue to work outside the U.S. and Ontario, most notably Mexico, Australia and Europe, on his off days.

The situation involving Christopher Daniels and All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honor is seemingly up in the air as well, with both sides interested in him.

All Elite Wrestling Negotiations

The real key factor, however, is where Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi end up next year. Naturally, the Elite would want them with AEW but NJPW likely doesn’t want to lose them and they likely don’t want to leave NJPW. This would mean NJPW would have to be open to working with AEW despite their relationship with ROH, something they have been hesitant to do in the past.