Asuka’s Title Victory Covered By Tokyo Sports

Asuka, Smackdown Women's Champion
Asuka, Smackdown Women's Champion

Asuka won the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship on Sunday. The 37-year-old won the title for the first time in her career by defeating both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a triple-threat TLC match. Her victory was covered by the famed Japanese media outlet, Tokyo Sports. 

Asuka first mentioned the reaction in the backstage area to her victory:

Google Translate offered her comments up as:

“I finally arrived.The boys’ Super Sueter was a group of TLCs, which made me feel uneasy with the most cheers.After that I finished the game and a lot of people welcomed us with clapping,” he said. McMahon chairman (73) also said, “It was good, congratulations” and was hugged directly, “I was really happy,” he said with joy.

Estimated translation:

“I finally arrived,” Asuka told Tokyo Sports. “After I finished the match, many people were clapping for us in the back.”

Asuka In Tokyo Sports

Asuka then made sure to mention that she doesn’t believe Ronda Rousey’s interference changed what would have inevitably been the same outcome at TLC.

Google Translate: In the game, there was intervention by Rowa women’s champion Ronda Rougey (31), “I think that the result has not changed even if there is no intervention by Ronda”, after showing confidence, “Why did you take the belt? Because it is Asuka! ‘

Estimate translation: “I think the result would not have changed even if there would not have been interference from Ronda,” Asuka said confidently. “Why did I take the belt? Because I’m Asuka!”

She would then say that her next goal is to defend the title at WrestleMania, she’d like to face Ronda Rousey, and she wants to bring the title belt back with her to Japan:

Google Translate: ‘I would like to have a title match at Wrestlemania, I declared that if I had a box office in Japan, I also wanted to show “Japani university” (belts) to everyone in Japan. Wrestling festival “Wrestlemania 35” (next April 7, New Jersey) and pledged to defend the throne to show off the belt in next year ‘s Japanese performance. Furthermore, I am also positive to the decisive battle with the strongest queen Ronda that has been rumored many times so far, “I want to fight anything and I think it will be interesting.”

Finally, Asuka said the reason she came to WWE is to elevate the women’s divisions:

“The reason why I came to WWE is raising the quality of girls, Asuka who asserts that I want to make girls more recognizable, that is my mission”, is towing the WWE’s Diva.