AJ Styles Signs New Deal With WWE, Adopts Adorable Puppy

AJ Styles has a new contract and a new puppy
AJ Styles has a new contract and a new puppy

AJ Styles will be in WWE for the foreseeable future. After signing a 3-year contract with WWE in 2016, Styles has announced he has signed a new deal with the promotion recently. He sent the following out to his social media channels announcing both his contract-signing and puppy-adoption:

AJ Styles WWE Tenure

In just over 3 years with WWE, AJ Styles has accomplished much. Styles ranks 12th on the list of WWE champions in terms of days spent with the title. He’s already ahead of names such as Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, the Rock, and “Superstar” Billy Graham in that regard. Styles is 9 days behind “Macho Man” Randy Savage and 18 behind Steve Austin as of this writing.

Styles has won the WWE Championship twice, the United States title twice as well.

AJ Styles Championship Statistics

  • 2x WWE Champion
  • 2x IWGP Heavyweight Champion
  • 3x NWA World Heavyweight Champion (TNA Wrestling)
  • 2x TNA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 6x X-Division Champion (1st ever)
  • 1x PWG World Champion
  • 4x NWA Tag Team Champion (1x Jerry Lynn, 1x Abyss, 2x Christopher Daniels)
  • 2x TNA Tag Team Champion (1x with Tomko, 1x Kurt Angle)
  • 2x TNA Legends/Global/Television Champion
  • 1x ROH Pure Champion
  • 1x ROH Tag Team Champion (w/ Amazing Red)
  • 2x WWE United States Champion