AEW Considering TV Title

AEW TV Title
AEW TV Title

Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by and hinted that AEW could introduce a TV title sometime down the road. The AEW EVP was quick to say that for the time being, the promotion is focussed soley on the men’s, women’s and tag team titles only, however.

Here is what Cody had to say on the possiblity of an AEW TV title being introduced.

“There’s a title we’re considering,” Rhodes stated, “and it’s something people can probably guess since we’re going to be on TV, hint hint, but there are no plans for it at the moment. Right now we revolve around the AEW Championship and in D.C. we’re going to name the first ever AEW Women’s Champion, and that’s such a beautiful belt. I don’t know if people know, up close, that rose gold is layered into it. Brandi, Kenny Omega, and Tony did a great job getting that title. There’s going to be some guidelines laid out for whoever wins that title though ,” he laughed. “Some guidelines about how they’re supposed to take care of it.”

AEW Considering TV Title?

Cody continued to talk about the AEW World Championship belt being lost and found in a 24 hour period after All Out.

“Yeah,” Rhodes laughed, “it’s all intact. There’s no damage to it, which was my biggest concern because myself and Matt Jackson are the ones who ordered this title – who painstakingly tried to cover as many details as we could because we wanted it to be a really special championship belt. So I was not stoked when I found out it was gone and the mystery will remain a mystery, I suppose, of what happened. Was it grand larceny? Did someone just put it on the roof? We don’t know. I’m glad it was found. Stuff happens. Jericho’s, like, a 60-year vet and one of the greatest of all time, this isn’t his first rodeo. And he did everything he could to get it back. Thankfully it’s back in the champion’s hands.”

AEW Sports-Centric Approach

Cody also addressed AEW’s sport-centric approach to pro-wrestling during the interview and how wins and losses will matter in the promotion.

“I’m coming off a win over Dustin, one of the best of all time, and coming off a win over Shawn Spears, who’s an absolute stud. Those were two huge wins. So me going for the title makes all the sense in the world. But it may not end up being me versus Chris Jericho,” Cody stressed. “Because Chris Jericho still has a title defense before that in Philadelphia. And it may not be me if I take a loss to Sammy Guevara on the premiere episode. I think Chris Jericho is probably going to get through his first title defense, but if he doesn’t we’re going to stick to our word about win/loss records being a deciding factor. It’s really about the data and who has the best record.”

The full interview on IGN can be read here.