About and Spoiler Policy

Spoiler Free Wrestling is a different kind of site. We avoid reporting on news items which could potentially spoil your enjoyment of wrestling shows. We are for fans who want coverage of wrestling promotions but are looking for it to be covered in a different manner.

If you’ve ever felt as though reading pro-wrestling websites spoiled a storyline or match result, then this site is developed with you in mind.

Avoided News

Additionally, we avoid any news which is clickbait based, rumor or speculation, or news which would not be reported on if pro-wrestling was treated as a legitimate sport by the mainstream media. We want to build credibility with our readers so you trust us as an objective source for information. If we do anything which impacts your enjoyment of a wrestling program with our news and updates, please contact us to let us know (Ian@SpoilerFreeWrestling.com)

Spoiler Policy:

  • Once a match or show has officially aired it is fair game.
  • TV tapings will only be reported on once they air, not when they tape.
  • We avoid backstage news regarding who is in line for a push and who is not in order to keep the shows unpredictable for you. Any news concerning the on-screen product which has yet to air will not be covered, including who is scheduled to start feuding with who, etc.

Keeping the 4th Wall Intact

Whenever possible, news will be reported on in a way that does not acknowledge the pre-determined manner of pro-wrestling. This is not possible for all news items, however. It is our aim to cover pro-wrestling as if it was a legitimate sport.

Territory Reports

Territory reports are our way of making it easier for you to keep track of what is happening in each promotion. We keep track of wins, losses, and make sense of everything as if wrestling were a legitimate sport. Some people say this helps them enjoy the product more but it’s not for everyone. It is a different way of looking at the product.

News Updates

We produce daily updates on all the news in the world of wrestling. We omit any news which is likely to spoil future storylines or match results. If we do anything of the sort, please contact us to let us know. We want to create the best experience for you with this website. (Ian@SpoilerFreeWrestling.com)

Questions? ian@spoilerfreewrestling.com