AAA’s La Parka Has Passed Away

La Parka
La Parka

AAA’s La Parka, Jesus Huerta Escoboza, has passed away. Escoboza is the second luchador to perform under the name La Parka. The La Parka from WCW fame now wrestles under the name L.A Park.

Escoboza was 56 years old. Escoboza was injured on a show in Monterrey this fall after missing a dive to the outside. He hit his head on the guardrail and was paralyzed and taken to hospital.

La Parka wrestled nearly his entire career with AAA in Mexico, beginning in 1995. Lucha Libre site, Lucha Blog, has been updating fans:

La Parka Has Passed Away

AAA’s La Parka passed away tonight. He was 56. He suffered serious injuries on a dive at the end of November and never recovered. La Parka is one of the bigger recent stars in Mexican wrestling, the symbol of AAA. He is not the La Parka who wrestled in WCW and is now LA Park.

Wrestlers Pay Tribute

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie:

The NWA sent out the following:

Tommy Dreamer sent out the following Tweet:

I had the opportunity to wrestle La Parka in Mexico City Very sad news in professional wrestling Prayers for strength for his family

Thunder Rosa: