4 Horsemen Trademark Filed For

4 Horsemen Trademark Filed
4 Horsemen Trademark Filed

Former WWE agent Arn Anderson and current AEW Vice President Cody both recently filed for new trademarks. In the case of Anderson, he simply filed to trademark his in-ring name (his real name is Martin Anthony Lunde).

An unknown company by the name of Toot Toot LLC also recently filed for a wrestling related trademark. The mystery company has trademarked the term “4 Horsemen”. Several images attached to the filings included references to the 4 Horsemen wrestling faction found on the WWE.com website.

In an update to this story, new documents show Toot Toot LLC is located in Alabama to the same address as a company Starrcast promoter Conrad Thompson is President of.

As for Cody, however, he filed for the terms “The American Dream”, his father’s longtime nickname, and “the American Nightmare”, a name Cody began using himself shortly after leaving WWE. He currently lists his YouTube channel’s name as “the Nightmare Family”. Cody filed for the trademarks under his real-name of Cody Runnels.

Anderson filed for his trademark on March 9th, 2019 while Cody filed his on March 10th, 2019.

Arn Anderson and Cody File For Trademarks

Not long after news of Arn Anderson’s departure from WWE was made public, Cody offered up the following comments.

“I’m just shocked because the entire current top talent at WWE — Seth Rollins, John Cena, Brock, even, Charlotte — I mean, everybody within the ‘golden circle’ is an Arn guy or girl,” Cody said to Pro Wrestling Sheet. I feel like that blows my mind. […] Arn Anderson is a gift the to the industry,” he said. “He’s not corporate, he’s a wrestler, but you cannot take wrestlers out of the wrestling business.”