Washington Post Covers Controversial WWE Segment

via WWE.com

Jinder Mahal’s recent promos are getting some press, and possibly not the good kind. After fans at Tuesday night’s WWE show in Oakland began chanting “that’s too far” at some of the things Jinder was saying, the Washington Post ran a story today about the segment.

WWE did not post highlights of Jinder’s promo on YouTube, as they normally do with all segments. That the company chose not to highlight Jinder’s segment may suggest some backlash to it backstage, either with the company’s PR team or Vince himself.

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Jinder Mahal’s Promo Targetting Shinsuke Nakamura

“You always ‘rook’ the same,” Mahal said during the live “SmackDown” telecast, mocking his Japanese opponent’s facial expressions and accent.

“They call you Mr. Miyagi,” he later added referring to a Japanese character in “The Karate Kid,” as he and the Singh Brothers, his two lackeys who accompanied him to the ring, laughed hysterically and mimed martial arts poses. – excerpt from the Washington Post article

Jinder’s comments this week came on the heels of a similar promo he had done the week before making fun of Shinsuke Nakamura’s facial expressions. Fans have not taken well to the segments and up until the “That’s Too Far” chants, they had hardly been reacting to them at all.

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via WWE.com

“That’s Too Far” Chants

“WWE should have never approved this,” 15-year-old Noumaan Faiz, who was in the audience, said in an email to The Washington Post, adding the bit left “a bad taste” in the audience’s mouth.

“Racism is definitely an idiotic way to get heat and not necessary,” – excerpt from Washington Post article

The Washington Post also heard from fans who felt differently about the segment.

Padilla said he interpreted the chants more as routine heckling of a heel, or bad guy, and not as an offended reaction. He also said the “diverse crowd” around him didn’t seem uncomfortable with Mahal’s words either because “that’s kind of what you expect from WWE.”

“Some of it’s kind of cringeworthy,” he added, pointing specifically to a mid-aughts trio of Mexican wrestlers that WWE branded “The Mexicools” and had ride out to the ring on lawn mowers.

Thankfully the Washington Post never noticed when the Mexicools were around…