Survivor Series 2017 Preview and Statistics

Survivor Series 2017 
November 19th, 2017
Toyota Center
Houston, Texas

**statistics do not include house shows

  1. Cruiserweight Championship
    Enzo Amore (c) vs. Kalisto

    • This will be Enzo’s 2nd title defense of his 2nd reign with the title. His 1st title defense was actually a loss, albeit via DQ, to Kalisto on the October 24th 205 Live.
    • Kalisto won the title on the October 9th Raw but lost it 2 weeks later at Tables Ladders and Chairs.
    • Neville is the only cruiserweight champion to ever defend the title more than twice. He defended the title 7x in a row during his first reign with the belt. Only Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann have also defended the belt twice. Tozawa and Kalisto weren’t ever able to defend it successfully and TJ Perkins did so once.
  2. Intercontinental Champion vs. US Champion
    The Miz (IC) vs. Baron Corbin (US)

    • The Miz is now less than 100 days away from passing Pedro Morales for the most days spent with the IC title. Morales held the title for 619 days over 2 title reigns.
    • Miz has held the title 7x and is at 519 days and counting as champion as of this writing. In a few weeks, he will pass Don Muraco’s 541 days over 2 title reigns.
    • Currently, Miz has defended his title 5x in his current reign which began at Extreme Rules 2017 in June when he defeated Dean Ambrose for the title.
    • Corbin defeated AJ Styles for the US championship at Hell in a Cell 2017. He’s defended the title twice since then.
  3. Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Match
    Team Raw (Angle, Strowman, Balor, Joe, HHH) vs. Team Smackdown (Shane, Orton, Roode, Nakamura, Cena)

    • Last year Team Smackdown won this match with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton being the remaining survivors.
    • Randy Orton and Shane McMahon are the only two from last year’s Smackdown team.
    • Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins were both on the losing Raw team last year.
  4. Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match
    Team Raw (Fox, Jax, Asuka, Banks, Bayley) vs. Team Smackdown (Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina, and Natalya)

    • Last year, Bayley and Charlotte Flair were the survivors of the victorious Team Raw.
    • This year Raw loses Charlotte but gains Asuka and the rest of the team remains the same.
    • Last year, Smackdown had Alexa Bliss but she’s now on Raw. They added Tamina and have a wrestler yet to be named. Natalya was also on Team Smackdown last year.
    • EDIT: Natalya has now been named to Team Smackdown.
  5. Raw Tag Team Champions vs. Smackdown Tag Team Champions
    the Bar (Raw) vs. the Usos (Smackdown)

    • Last year Team Raw’s tag-teams defeated Smackdown’s tag-teams in a traditional Survivor Series match. This year it will be the Smackdown tag champs vs. the Raw tag champs.
    • The Bar was the only remaining survivors of the victorious Team Raw last year.
    • This is the 3rd title reign for the Bar. They have successfully defended the titles 4x throughout their reigns.
  6. the Shield vs. the New Day

    • A little-known fact is that Kofi Kingston is by far the greatest tag-team wrestler in WWE history. He’s held tag titles for an accumulated 819 days with the Raw tag-title lineage and another 54 days with the Smackdown tag titles.
    • Demolition us next on that list as they held the titles a total of 698 days throughout their 3 reigns.
    • Big E and Xavier Woods are tied for 3rd and 4th on that list with 533 for the Raw tag lineage and 54 for the Smackdown. Mr. Fuji and Professor Tanaka are just below them and then the original Hart Foundation at just under 500 days total.
    • ¬†Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins held the titles for 149 days once and Ambrose and Rollins recently held the titles for 78 days.
  7. Raw Women’s Champion vs. Smackdown Women’s Champion
    Alexa Bliss (Raw) vs. Charlotte Flair (Smackdown)

    • These two are the only ones to have both won the Raw women’s title and the Smackdown women’s title.
    • Bliss is in her 2nd reign as Raw champion and has defended the title 3x so far.
    • Charlotte Flair is on her 1st reign as Smackdown champion and has yet to defend the title.
    • Nobody will pass Fabulous Moolah’s record of 10,778 days as champion anytime soon.
    • In the modern era, however, Trish Stratus’ record of 828 days isn’t going anywhere anytime either.
    • Since they’ve dropped the Divas moniker, Charlotte has held the Raw title 246 days combined and 4 days with the Smackdown title as of this writing.
    • Bliss held the Smackdown title twice for 111 days with the belt. She’s also won the Raw title twice and has held the belt now for 192 days. So Bliss has actually held a championship for 303 days compared to Charlotte Flair’s 250 days with a belt. Charlotte has had 5 reigns and Bliss 4.
  8. Universal Champion vs. WWE Champion
    Brock Lesnar (Universal) vs. AJ Styles (WWE)

    • Brock Lesnar is the longest reigning Universal Champion of all time at 230 days. He’s just the 4th person to win the belt. He’s defended the title 3x so far.
    • Lesnar is also a 4x WWE champion, with an accumulated 577 days as champion good enough for 9th all time.
    • This is AJ Styles’ 2nd reign with the belt. He’s held it for a total of 151 days combined as of this writing. He defended the belt 6x in his 1st reign but has yet to defend it so far thsi reign.