Shane Douglas’ New Stable is Taking Over House of Hardcore

Before the main event of House of Hardcore 36 Saturday night, it was announced that Shane Douglas had applied for and received a federal managerial’s license. So far, Nick Aldis and Joey Mercury appear to have aligned with Douglas. His new job has played a prominent role in the first two live HOH events on Twitch.

Mercury, Aldis, and Douglas closed HOH35, the 1st event to air live on Twitch, by beating down HOH’s promoter and popular star, Tommy Dreamer.

A cheesegrater was involved…

This Saturday at HOH36, Dreamer got a measure of revenge by helping Aries defeat Mercury, seemingly tying the main event bragging rights at 1-1.

As exposure for this promotion increases, it will be interesting to see what storylines and feuds develop amongst their featured stars. So far, Austin Aries, Shane Douglas’ stable, and Dreamer are occupying these roles.

the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in House of Hardcore

While HOH doesn’t have any titles of its own, championships have been defended on HOH shows.

Tim Storm, Billy Corgan, and the NWA have said they are willing to give Tommy Dreamer an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match in an HOH ring.

While it’s not clear what role the NWA title will play in HOH moving forward, it appears he and Billy Corgan have agreed to help each other when possible.

Shane Douglas and Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis’ role in both HOH and Billy Corgan’s NWA creates an interesting scenario. Aldis interrupted a segment involving Tim Storm and Tommy Dreamer before HOH35. He was frustrated the NWA champion was offering Dreamer a title shot before he received his promised rematch.

If Tommy Dreamer vs. Tim Storm for the NWA Championship takes place in HOH, Aldis is going to have something to say about it. On the other hand, since the NWA won’t be running shows until the spring at (according to comments Corgan made in October) it’s possible Aldis faces Storm on an HOH show.

Considering Shane Douglas’ history with the NWA championship, it might be interesting to see what he does when managing someone contending for the belt.

Shane Douglas and Joey Mercury

Joey Mercury closed out the first live HOH show on Twitch by defeating Tommy Dreamer in the main event. While he may have been knocked down a peg on the next show by losing to Austin Aries, going 1-1 in the promotion’s 1st two high exposure main events is a pretty good way to get back into your wrestling career.

Mercury was released from WWE earlier this year and he began wrestling a regular schedule this summer. His loss to Aries is the only blemish on his HOH single’s record thus far.

The other promotion Mercury is making a mainstay of himself in is MCW in Maryland. 2 months ago Mercury became the promotion’s champion. It’s been a successful return to non-WWE wrestling, in other words. 

House of Hardcore 36 Results
House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl
December 2nd, 2017
Waukesha County Expo

  1. Guido Maritato defeated Nick Cutler
  2. MVP defeated Jay Bradley
  3. Nick Aldis defeated Carlito
  4. Bull James defeated Arik Cannon and Curt Stallion and Connor Braxton
  5. Willie Mack defeated Brian Cage
  6. Al Snow & Swoggle defeated Squad World Order
  7. Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer
  8. Candice Michelle defeated Lisa Marie Varon
  9. Austin Aries defeated Joey Mercury

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Tough loss for Carlito, who otherwise has a decent record in this promotion. His loss to Aldis again shows the influence Shane Douglas can have on the outside.

Cage vs. Mack wrestle each other a lot and generally exchange wins and losses. It’s likely both will end up filming a new season of Lucha Underground in the spring.

MVP could be one who makes his presence felt in the promotion’s main event picture sooner rather than later as well.

Guido Maritato is still awesome