Lucha Underground S03E34 Match Results and Statistics

Lucha Underground
Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

1. Aztec Medallion
Drago defeated the Mack

  • Mack is now 1-1 in Aztec Medallion matches. He is 6-9 in LU singles matches, 2-6 in multi-person matches, and 2-3 in tags.
  • Drago is now 1-1 in Aztec Medallion matches. He’s 10-10 in LU singles matches, 2-5 in multi-person matches, and 6-3 in tag team matches.

2. Aztec Medallion
5-0 Street Fight
Cortez Castro defeated Joey Ryan

  • Big win for Cortez Castro. Not only does he win an Aztec Medallion, but he won what was likely the blowoff match for his feud with Joey Ryan.
  • Castro is now 1-2 in Lucha Underground singles matches.
  • Joey Ryan is now 2-4.

3. Matanza Cueto defeated the Rabbit Tribe

  • Matanza is now 12-0 in singles matches, 1-1 in Aztec Warfare matches, and 1-0 in handicap matches.