House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl Results

House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl
December 2nd, 2017
Waukesha County Expo

9. Austin Aries defeated Joey Mercury w/Shane Douglas
(First time Aries is wrestling in his hometown)

  • Austin Aries is 6-0 in HOH. 2-0 in 2017 and 3-0 in 2015.
    Victories: Drew McIntyre, Rhyno, Bobby Roode, Matt Delray, and now Alex Reynolds.
  • Joey Mercury is 3-1 in HOH single’s matches.
    Victories: Bull James and Tommy Dreamer 2x
    Defeats: Austin Aries

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8. Candice Michelle defeated Lisa Marie Varon
(Candice Michelle’s last match)

  • Candice Michelle is 1-0 in HOH
    Victories: Lisa Maria Varon
  • Lisa Marie Varon is 0-2 in HOH single’s matches
    Defeats: Mickie James, Candice Michelle

7. Al Snow & Swoggle defeated The Squad

  • The Squad is 3-10 in HOH tag matches.
    Victories: Team Tremendous and NOW (tag triple threat), Bull James & Caveman Ugg. Team Tremendous
    Defeats: Sandman & Dreamer, Bully Ray & Dreamer, the Young Bucks 2x, KrackerJak and Mike Burr, MVP and Dreamer, the Rock N Roll Express, Little Guido/Shane Douglas/Dreamer/Super Crazy (w/Aldis and Mercury in 8-man elimination tag), Little Guido and Super Crazy, Al Snow & Swoggle
  • Al Snow is 2-0 in HOH tag matches
    Victories: Abyss and Damien Nelson (w/Dave Herro), the Squad (w/Swoggle)(steel cage),
  • Swoggle is 2-1 in HOH singles matches (He’s also from Waukesha)
    Victories: Mohammad Ali Vaez, Ryan Nemeth (Hot Young Briley)
    Defeats: Mascarita Dorada
  • Swoggle is 3-0 in tag matches.
    Victories: Mascarita Sagrada and Matt Striker (w/Brian Myers), Matt Justice & the Now (w/Team Tremendous),

6. Hardcore War:
Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer

  • Abyss is 2-2 in HOH single’s matches
    Victories: Tommy Dreamer 2x
    Defeats: Rhino, Sabu
  • He is also 0-2 in tag matches.
  • Tommy Dreamer is a 1-14 in HOH single’s matches.
    Victories: Lance Storm (HOH2)
    Defeats: Abyss, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Chris Hero, EC3, Pepper Parks, Rhyno, Matt Hardy 2x, Cody Rhodes, Mohammad Ali Vaez, and now Joey Mercury 2x, Abyss
  • Dreamer is also 0-7 in multi-person matches in HOH.
  • His record in tag-team matches in HOH is 11-3. So he’s much better in tags.

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Other Results:

  1. Guido Maritato defeated Nick Cutler
  2. MVP defeated Jay Bradley
  3. Nick Aldis w/Shane Douglas defeated Carlito
  4. Bull James defeated Arik Cannon and Curt Stallion and Connor Braxton
  5. Willie Mack defeated Brian Cage