House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl Preview

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House of Hardcore 36: Blizzard Brawl
December 2nd, 2017
Waukesha County Expo

1. Candice Michelle vs. Lisa Marie Varon
(Candice Michelle’s last match)

  • Candice Michelle is simultaneously returning to and retiring from her in-ring career with this match. Her last match officially on the books (Cagematch, ProfightDB, Wrestlingdata) was on Feb. 2nd, 2009 (she lost to Beth Phoenix).
  • Lisa Marie Varon will be competing in her 3rd match for HOH. On September 11th, 2013 her and Stevie Richards lost a match to Carlito and Rosita. Then on June 24th, 2016 she lost to Mickie James at a show from Melbourne, Australia.

2. Austin Aries vs. Joey Mercury
(First time Aries is wrestling in his hometown)

  • Austin Aries is 5-0 in HOH. 2-0 in 2017 and 3-0 in 2015. He’s defeated Drew McIntyre, Rhyno, Bobby Roode, Matt Delray, and now Alex Reynolds.
  • Joey Mercury is 3-0 in HOH single’s matches having defeated Bull James and Tommy Dreamer 2x. He is 0-1 in HOH tag matches, however, having lost to Tommy Dreamer, Little Guido, Shane Douglas, and Super Crazy along with the Squad and Nick Aldis at HOH34.

3. Al Snow & Swoggle (with Dave Herro) vs. The Squad

  • The Squad is 3-9 in HOH tag matches.
    Victories: Team Tremendous and NOW (tag triple threat), Bull James & Caveman Ugg. Team Tremendous
    Defeats: Sandman & Dreamer, Bully Ray & Dreamer, the Young Bucks 2x, KrackerJak and Mike Burr, MVP and Dreamer, the Rock N Roll Express, Little Guido/Shane Douglas/Dreamer/Super Crazy (w/Aldis and Mercury in 8-man elimination tag), Little Guido and Super Crazy
  • This will be Al Snow’s 2nd match in HOH. The last time he wrestled for HOH was also in Waukesha at HOH XXI. He teamed with Dave Herro and defeated Abyss and Damien Nelson inside a steel cage.
  • Swoggle is 2-1 in HOH singles matches (He’s also from Waukesha)
    Victories: Mohammad Ali Vaez, Ryan Nemeth (Hot Young Briley)
    Defeats: Mascarita Dorada
  • Swoggle is 3-0 in tag matches.

4. Hardcore War:
Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss

  • Abyss is 1-2 in HOH single’s matches
    Victories: Tommy Dreamer (HOH V)
    Defeats: Rhino, Sabu
  • He is also 0-2 in tag matches.
  • Tommy Dreamer is a 1-13 in HOH single’s matches.
    Victories: Lance Storm (HOH2)
    Defeats: Abyss, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Chris Hero, EC3, Pepper Parks, Rhyno, Matt Hardy 2x, Cody Rhodes, Mohammad Ali Vaez, and now Joey Mercury 2x.
  • Dreamer is also 0-7 in multi-person matches in HOH.
  • His record in tag-team matches in HOH is 11-3. So he’s much better in tags.

Other Superstars confirmed for the show:


  • MVP is 9-2 in HOH singles matches
    Victories: Sami Callihan, Big XLG, Moose, Bull James 2x, Matt Cross, Jack Swagger, Rhett Titus, Lance Anoai
    Defeats: Brian Cage, Billy Gunn
  • He is 2-0 in triple-threats (both times defeating Tommy Dreamer and Jack Swagger – HOH30 and HOH32)
  • MVP is 1-0 in HOH tag matches having defeated the Squad with Tommy Dreamer at HOH 31.


  • Carlito missed the last live show, likely due to having been on a 10-day tour of Mexico with the Crash promotion just 5 days before the show. He wrestled 7x in November.
  • Carlito is 6-0 in HOH single’s matches
    Victories: Mike Bennett, JJ BLake, Jack Bonza, Ryan Nemeth, the Mighty Cadman, Matt Basso
  • He is 2-3 in multi-person matches including winning the FWE championship from Tommy Dreamer in a triple-threat match (w/ Mike Knox) at the HOH debut show.
  • Carlito is 1-0 in HOH tag matches. He teamed with Rosita to defeat Stevie Richards and Tara at HOH III in 2013.

Guido Maritato

  • Guido is 5-1 in HOH tag matches. His only loss was on the 1st ever show when he and Tony Mamaluke lost to Danny Doring and Roadkill.