Every Match in the New Day/Usos Rivalry

via WWE.com

New Day and the Usos face each other in tag-team action tonight on Smackdown. The show comes from Las Vegas and will also feature the return of VInce McMahon, Naomi vs Natalya, and Styles vs Dillinger.

Below we take a look at every time New Day and the Usos have met in tag-team competition.

New Day vs. the Usos

(only including televised 2-on-2 matches)

The Usos and New Day had a brief feud over the WWE tag titles in early 2016:

  1. Raw, January 11th 2016: Usos defeat New Day (c) – non-title
  2. Royal Rumble 2016: New Day (c) defeat the Usos (retain titles)

The teams picked up their rivalry this summer:

3. Money in the Bank, June 18th 2017: New Day defeat the Usos (c) via count-out (Usos retain titles) 

Smackdown, July 4th 2017 – Rap Battle

4. Battleground, July 23 2017: New Day defeat the Usos (c) (New Day win championships)

5. Smackdown August 15, 2017: the Usos defeat New Day

6. SummerSlam, August 20th, 2017: the Usos defeat the New Day (c) (Usos win SD championships)

7. Smackdown August 29th, 2017: Usos defeat New Day (non-title, get to pick the stipulation of their match from Las Vegas).

Currently the Usos are up 4-3 in the 7 match series. It’s tied 4-4 if you count the rap battle, however.