Enzo Amore’s Backstage Heat May Have Been Staged

If true, this is one of the most creative angles WWE has ever worked…

There is ample reason to believe Enzo Amore’s recent backstage heat may have been staged. WWE’s possible motive for such a deception would be to pave the way for his eventual heel turn. This means WWE may have knowingly fed false information to wrestling “insider” sites in order to get fans to turn on Enzo.

Does WWE Feed “Dirt Sheets” False Information?

This would not be the first time WWE has knowingly allowed false information to leak to anonymous-source based sites. The most famous example of this was the false information regarding CM Punk’s return to WWE (shortly after leaving in 2014) spread through the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer. When Punk did not return as Meltzer stated would happen, he later told his audience his source told him he had been lied to.

While this cannot be confirmed, the belief is WWE fed Meltzer the false information through his sources in order to spike a rating for Raw.

The above example shows WWE knows who leaks information and has control over it when they need to. They don’t use this ability often but it’s likely they have done so in regards to Enzo Amore.

Information Spread to Dirt Sheets Weeks Before Enzo’s Heel Turn

Shortly before his heel turn, reports regarding Enzo conveniently spread all throughout the anonymous-source based wrestling media. From August to September sites were fed information about Enzo having backstage heat, that he was arrogant, bragged about how much money he makes and generally does all the things backstage he now does on WWE programming. That’s an odd coincidence, isn’t it?

Enzo getting kicked off a WWE tour bus was followed by a suspicious online report from an exotic dancer and similarly suspicious comments from Corey Graves. Enzo also attended the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight and even posted the price tag attached to his ticket. Let’s review what is suspicious about all of this information:

Reviewing the Evidence

Before reviewing the evidence of WWE’s guerilla marketing, it should be noted that I’m not saying this was wrong of them to do. On the contrary, this is one of the most creative things WWE has done in some time.

1. The Report from An Exotic Dancer

This is possibly the hardest to believe. Enzo would be able to sue the shit out of this place for revealing his identity if it were true. It was most likely agreed upon, however. If this actually occurred, the dancer would be fired immediately and the establishment would be suspect to a lawsuit from Enzo and WWE.

2. Corey Graves’ Comments on “Bring it to the Table”

“Bring it to the Table” was the center of the Mauro Ranallo/JBL controversy earlier this year. In that case, JBL is believed to have been told by WWE to speak poorly of Mauro on the show. If true, this fact establishes “Bring it to the Table” as a staged show meant to look like a shoot. That Graves’ on-screen commentary now is identical to his “shoot” comments on that show (before Enzo turned) is a little suspicious.

Graves would also make comments on-air about Enzo Amore having cheated on his girlfriend. This was followed by several posts from Liv Morgan indicating she was the girlfriend who was cheated on. Making negative public comments about an ex who is a draw for WWE has been a fireable offense in the past (i.e Matt Hardy), but perhaps Liv was told it would be OK to do.

3. Enzo Amore at Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

Both of us got our 💰 on @floydmayweather

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There is no way to prove that WWE sent Enzo Amore to the Mayweather vs McGregor fight in character, but upon second glance it appears likely to be the case.

Take a look at Enzo’s social media posts from that night. This time look at them under the assumption he is working his gimmick.


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We both got @floydmayweather tonight 💸

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Chance, I'm a guy who took a chance , nice to meet you. #MoneyTeam

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My agent is Gold ✊🏼 #Summerfest

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@thenotoriousmma it was all a dream…..

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And still @floydmayweather 🙌🏼

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