Big Day For the NWA, Several Names Announced For Anniversary Show (Daily Update)

Cody vs Aldis II
Cody vs Aldis II

Spoiler Free Pro Wrestling daily update (October 1st, 2018)

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Being The Elite Returns

Just as this update was being written, the Young Bucks released a new episode of Being the Elite. I haven’t had time to watch it yet but here it is:

NWA Releases Several Names For 70th Anniversary Show

It was a busy day for the NWA. The promotion released several names today for an 8-person tournament to declared a new NWA National Champion.

Here are the names who have been entered into the tournament thus far:

  1. Colt Cabana
  2. Ricky Starks
  3. Sam Shaw
  4. Jay Bradley
  5. Mike Barrow
  6. Scorpio Sky
  7. Willie Mack

Jazz To Defend NWA Women’s Championship at 70th Anniversary Show

Jazz was also announced as defending the NWA Women’s Championship on the show. Jazz won the title in Korakuen Hall from Heidi Katrina at a Sendai show from October 28th, 2016. There is no word yet on who she will be facing in Nashville.

Alberto El Patron To Compete In MMA

Alberto El Patron will be returning to MMA. He spoke to the MMA Hour today and announced he will fight for Combates Americas.

“I’m going to jump back in the cage — or in the cage for the first time — because I used to fight in rings in Mexico and in Asia, but never inside the cage,” El Patron said to MMA Hour. “So for 2019, I’m going to be doing that. I’m going to be fighting in the cage for Combate Americas, mi familia, mi casa, and I’m not just saying this because my boss is here and he writes my checks.

“I really love this company as many people know. For the ones that don’t have a clue about this, I’m a very passionate man in everything I do and I have invested my heart in this company because they have invested their heart and money in me. And it’s not just giving something back to the Latins and the company, it’s giving back something to myself.”


Monday Night Raw
Key Arena, Seattle, WA

Advertised for tonight:

  • Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott (non-title)
  • Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens

Liv Morgan on Live Events This Weekend

Liv Morgan took part in WWE live events this weekend, although she did not wrestle. Morgan was replaced by Alicia Fox in the Riott Squad. It should be taken as good news that she has been cleared to travel, however.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Respond to Cyber-Bullying

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bell each responded today to the cyberbullying that Brie has been subjected to since last Monday. Brie has been the subject of online rage after Morgan went out with a concussion after taking a Yes kick to the face. Bryan commented on having done the exact same thing in a match not long ago against Andrade “Cien” Almas.

From Brie’s Instagram:

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It’s so hard to leave this one. I wish I could fit her and her babies in my luggage. 💜 As a first time Mom I’ve never experienced unconditional love like this. The way she loves on me, needs me and makes me feel that I’m her whole world. Her sweet smile makes my day better, her laugh sounds like heaven and her hugs make my heart skip a beat. We all were babies at one time. Filled with innocence, laughter and love. We never judged, hated or bullied people. We’d look in the mirror and played peek a boo with ourselves and thought our shadow was the best thing ever. We just simply lived. I hope people can find that feeling again, happiness. Happy people don’t waste their time or energy being cyber bullies….miserable people do. If you aren’t living the life you wish I pray that you find what makes your heart happy and stop wasting energy on promoting hate. For the happy people, silence hate. Don’t let it bring you down.

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From Daniel Bryan’s IG:

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I am proud of how strong my wife is. After accidentally injuring Liv Morgan last week, the first time Bri’s ever hurt another performer, she’s been subject to a constant barrage of social media attacks. Almost every wrestler has accidentally hurt someone, but rarely do you see this kind of hate when it happens. For example… I concussed Randy Orton in 2012 after hitting him with what was supposed to be a chair to the back. Unfortunately part of the side hit him in the back of the head, and he was forced to miss a PPV. In 2009 in our last match against each other, I concussed Nigel McGuinness after doing a dive into him in the crowd, where his head hit the floor. And there are others… As for the Yes kicks, two weeks ago I accidentally kicked Andrade directly in the head due to a miscommunication on my part. I feel fortunate that he was ok, because there are few feelings worse than hurting someone… Despite all of that, never did I receive the backlash Bri did this week. With all the negative things said about my wife, nobody was harder on her than she was on herself. Thank you to the many people who reached out to support her, both publicly and privately. We all wish Liv Morgan a speedy recovery. #EndCyberbullying 🐘❤️🐨

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That’s it for today. We’ll have a new NJPW and a new ROH report up later in the week.