Spoiler-Free wrestling is for fans who would rather not know information which can cause wrestling shows to become predictable, but still want coverage of their favorite wrestling promotions.

The intent of this digital content is to provide coverage of pro-wrestling while avoiding covering information which is likely to spoil future storylines or match results.

Examples of stories we would not cover (none of these are real)

  • Enzo To Be Repackaged with Ninja Gimmick.
  • Triple H Pushing for Bayley Heel Turn
  • Title Change at NXT TV Tapings
  • Vince Considering Push For Curt Hawkins

Stories we still include:

  • All news items unrelated to storylines or match results and/or unlikely to impact potential storylines or match results in a significant manner.

This content provides you with everything you need to know about the world of pro-wrestling without giving away anything which would spoil your enjoyment of WWE, NJPW, ROH, GFW and other promotions.

Questions? ian@spoilerfreewrestling.com