5 Possible Matches for “All In”, the Bullet Club Super-Show

Last week, Cody, the Young Bucks, and the rest of “the Elite” announced plans to self-finance a 10,000 seat arena show sometime in 2018. If successful, the show would be the biggest independent wrestling event of all time.

There are plenty of reasons to believe the event will be a success as well. For starters, it will ultimately be the fans who decide whether or not 10,000 tickets are sold. While independent shows rarely even approach 50% of what they are attempting, this wouldn’t be a typical indy show; this show would be a statement about how successful non-WWE wrestling can be in traditional WWE markets.

There is no way the Elite’s fans allow “All In” to be deemed a failure. Doing so would be admitting WWE is the only major league wrestling option, something this hardcore fanbase is unlikely to do, even if it means traveling long distances to attend the show.

Cody has already started to speculate as to what matches could be booked for the event

“Me versus Daniel Bryan for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship. If I could have everything, that’s what I would do.” – Cody Rhodes.

In this article, we break down 5 possible matches we could see on the show, starting with the one Cody wants to put in the main event.

5. Cody vs. Bryan Danielson

It would be the “American Nightmare” versus “the American Dragon” featuring the man currently known as Daniel Bryan returning to his in-ring career.

Whether this match occurs or not comes down to if WWE doctors are willing to clear Danielson to compete again or if he leaves WWE to do so. Danielson’s wife, Brie Bella, spoke on her husband’s situation recently on Lillian Garcia’s podcast.

 “From like, literally, the day they told him he couldn’t do it anymore, he has flown himself all over the United States to all different doctors to figure out what he could do to help turn that ‘no’ into a ‘yes’.

“There’s been like eight doctors who are like, ‘you can wrestle’. A lot of doctors can’t see why he can’t get in that ring again.

“I think [the WWE is] looking at it. He is on such a mission to get back into that WWE ring.”

As much as Cody may wish for this to main event the show, it seems unlikely to occur. Even if Danielson decides to leave WWE, his contract does not expire until September. It is also possible he would have to sit-out for 90 days after the end of his contract as part of a non-compete clause. This could mean he would not be eligible to perform outside of WWE until 2019 at the earliest.

4. Cody vs. Kenny Omega

Another likely main event for the show would be Cody vs. Kenny Omega. For this to occur there would have to be a rift between the Ring of Honor World champion and the IWGP United States champion. Just such a rift, however, has been building for some time.

Several episodes of the “Being the Elite” web series have hinted that Cody and Omega might be on converging paths. It has also been suggested that Omega is hiding an infatuation with Cody’s wife, Brandi Rhodes. The two were also caught on camera in a heated dispute following the conclusion to the NJPW Los Angeles special. Cody was upset Omega almost convinced Brandi to throw in the towel during his match with Okada. This was similar to what Cody almost did to Omega during Omega vs. Okada II at Dominion. They seem to be on different pages, in other words.

Should this situation spiral out of control in the days, weeks, and months leading to “All In”, we could see Omega vs. Cody headline the show.

3. the Young Bucks vs. the Guerillas of Destiny

Cody and Omega aren’t the only members of Bullet Club who could end up facing each other on the show. There have been signs that other sub-factions of Bullet Club aren’t pleased with the amount of attention “the Elite” receive.

Tama Tonga expressed frustration with Kenny Omega’s emphasis on the Elite over the Bullet Club as a whole during the G1 this summer. An original member of Bullet Club, Tonga tore a “the Elite” t-shirt off of Omega during the tournament and had some harsh words for the now-United States champion.

Tama Tonga is the most vocal member of the Bullet Club sub-faction consisting of himself, his two brothers, and Bad Luck Fale. The group has been working Australian and New Zealand dates as well, even inducting members into “Bullet Club Down Under”.

One has to wonder if it will be long before some of the sub-factions within the larger group end up turning on each other. If they do, expect it to be a major part of what happens at “All-In”.

2. Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi

Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi once formed the “Golden Lovers” tag-team. Their relationship has been strained since then.

It was Omega who provided the distraction which allowed AJ Styles to defeat Kota Ibushi at Invasion Attack 2015. Ibushi had earned the right to challenge Styles for the title by winning the 2015 New Japan Cup. While Omega never made contact with Ibushi, his appearance on the apron caused him to divert his attention momentarily. It was enough to provide an opening for Styles and dash Ibushi’s title hopes.

While Omega looked conflicted when he provided the distraction, he has since been openly critical of his former partner. Omega criticised Ibushi for choosing to participate in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic in WWE. The two were in different blocks for the G1 this year, leading some to hope they would meet in the finals.

The two were also in different blocks for the G1 this year, leading some to hope they would meet in the finals.

“After you left me all alone. To fend for myself. I never stopped training, I never stopped sacrificing, I never stopped feeling the pain, I never ran away like you did. So if you can make it to the finals, that’s where I’ll be waiting. And then finally I’ll make you feel the pain, Ibushi. And I’ll show you through my actions, everything that I felt while you were away – after you threw me away – to accomplish your own dream. Your own pipe dream of becoming a world famous CWC participant.” – Kenny Omega to Kota Ibushi

We won’t get Ibushi vs. Omega at the Tokyo Dome this year, but perhaps we will at “All In”.

1. Flip Gordon Gets His Revenge

We don’t know who it will be against just yet, but there can be no doubt Flip Gordon gets his revenge on Bullet Club at “All In”.

Bullet Club has targeted the 25-year-old member of the National Guard ever since he arrived on the scene in Ring of Honor. Gordon only started his training 2 years ago but signed a Ring of Honor contract in the spring. He’s been featured on “Being the Elite” usually as someone taking the brunt of a “harmless rib”.

Gordon is a talented wrestler, however, and he will eventually give his rivals their comeupance. After spending all of 2017 as the brunt of ribs expect Gordon to plot and eventually get his revenge.

While the ideal opponent for Gordon would be either of the Young Bucks, if they aren’t available Gordon would probably be just as happy to take out his frustrations on Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, or any of the Elite’s other members.